Remember the 80:20 Rule


You may have heard of the 80-20 rule before:

  • "80% of your tasks are achieved with only 20% of your effort..."
  • "The "rule" has a name - the Pareto Principle - and guess what? It also applies to the clothes in your closet:

80% of the time, you are only wearing 20% of your clothes you own.


If you don't believe us, there''s a very easy way to test this rule:

  • Arrange the hangers in your closets so that all the clothes face in the same direction;
  • When you return something to the closet after wearing or laundering, hang it in the opposite direction;
  • After a week, count the number of turned hangers;
  • If you try it for a whole month, the number of turned hangers will not have increased by very much more.

If you are planning on installing a new closet, this is a good rule to remember when trying to determine how much closet/hanging space you really need.


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